• Greg Fisher

Window Treatments in the Future

There are so many things today that just ten years ago seemed futuristic.

Smartphones - Ten years ago the cellphone was just used to make phone calls. Look at what we do with our phones today.

Google - What did we do before Google? Dictionary, folded maps, developed our pictures at the store.

Facebook and Twitter - How did we ever stay up to date with friends and family and the news before these two sites came along?

In just ten years so much can change. What are the trends today that will be common ten years from now? How about the Smart Home? Smart products for your home are a trend happening today that may be common ten years from now.

Americans are Ready for the Smart Home.

Motorized programmable shades for the home or business will be a standard in the next 10 years.

Think of the convenience of operating blinds in hard to reach windows effortlessly with a hand held remote and or a tablet or smartphone app.

Programmable timers allow for automatic opening and closing of window coverings to maximize natural light and close at dusk for night time privacy even when you are away.

Set timers to close window coverings when the sun is at its brightest to protect your furniture, carpets and artwork from harmful UV rays.

All of these things can be accomplished today with QMotion Automated Shades.

More people are opting for Smart Home technologies to drive remodeling and new home decisions, including the selection of window treatments. Security, safety, convenience, saving money and protecting the environment are all part of the solutions that motorized window treatments offer.

Discover the benefits of motorized window treatments today!

See you in the future!

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