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Look what the Sun did to my Furniture!

We love big, open windows and bright sunny spaces, but what will the furniture and flooring look like after a few years of direct sunlight? Discolored, Faded and Old!

Sometimes the best protection for your furniture is to block the sun all together. Do you recall your Grandma pulling those heavy curtains closed, creating a dark, unwelcoming, maybe even scary place? Erase those memories from your head, now you can choose UV blocking shades and a wide variety of blinds or shutters to serve the same purpose, without completely getting rid of that lovely sunlight.

Now for the fun part! Shades have never been so simple, or so smart. Motorized Shades and Shutters are easy to program. Want the shades to close at 3 pm when the sun shines in the window and open after the sun has set? Just enter your zip code to automatically load sunrise and sunset times. If you have specific needs, you can choose a more detailed schedule to perfectly match your lifestyle.

Check out these videos and see how easy it is.

QMotion Shades

Norman Shutters

With motorized window treatments you get:

  • Energy efficiency by making the shades lower when the sun is at its strongest.

  • Added security by making your home or office appear occupied to outsiders.

  • Automatic sunrise and sunset programs for even more convenience.

  • The environment you desire by controlling one shade or a group of shades.

  • Use of shades as an alarm clock or any other time-based need.

You love your furniture when you buy it; we want you to love and enjoy it for many years to come. Check out Norman Shutters and QMotion Shades for more information and keep your furniture and flooring looking new!

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