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A Solar Panel is the Ultimate Set and Forget Solution for Battery Powered Motorized Shades.

The convenience of battery operated shades has made it easier and more affordable to offer motorized shades in existing homes and businesses. Not needing an electrician to run wires has opened up many opportunities for motorization.

With all that convenience, we still run into issues. What do you do with difficult to reach windows? Do you or your customer climb a ladder to replace or recharge the batteries?

A Solar Panel is the ultimate set - and - forget solution for Lithium-ion battery powered, motorized shades. The Solar Panel provides a power solution that generates electricity with a solar panel located in the window behind the shade.

The custom designed solar panel 'harvests' direct and indirect sunlight, converts the light to electricity and continuously charges the lithium-ion batteries located inside the shade motor. No more disposing of batteries or climbing up on unstable ladders.

The Solar Panels use of low light harvesting technology allows you to use them in a wide range of locations and orientations to power your shades throughout the year. Using a solar energy source means you can run your shades sustainably for years to come.


  • Quiet Operation - Solar powered and battery operated, means your shades can function in the background, improving your environment without drawing unwanted attention.

  • Scalable - For low light areas, multiple solar panels can be combined to work together to meet your growing energy needs.

  • Sustainable Solution - Using the power of the sun, recharge the built-in lithium-ion battery by connecting our solar panel to maintain full battery health, sustainably. Finally, an option that’s good for the environment, reducing energy, saving on energy costs, and reducing waste, giving you peace of mind.

  • Set & Forget - Our retrofit Automate™ Li-ion wirefree range motors paired with the convenient, solar panel charging capabilities, means the solar panel does the charging work for you. This battery powered, solar charging combination solution is the ultimate set and forget shade option.

  • Battery Operated - Our rechargeable Li-on battery powered range requires no electrical wiring, external battery pack, or unsightly cords.

  • Rechargeable Vs. Disposable - Our solar panels constantly recharge your motors. Eliminates burning through disposable batteries, reduces unnecessary costs, and limits negative impact on the environment, avoiding toxic battery waste going straight to landfill.

  • Efficient Energy Source - The efficient trickle of energy from the sun powers your shades for the lifetime of the motor. While some solutions use stronger motors than necessary requiring more power, Automate™ shades use the right size motors for each application that consume up to 90% less energy than AC motors.

  • Programmable - Program your shades or use sensors to automatically manage the natural light, while minimizing your reliance on artificial light and associated energy costs. Your shades can help with temperature control for another level of energy efficiency.

  • Safer Option - Take shades safety to a new level. Battery powered shade motors eliminates the need for shade cords or charging cords; a valuable safety focused upgrade on manual shades.

For additional information visit the Rollease website.

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